About D&DCaffeinated

D&DCaffeinated (formerly The Home Brew) is a Grim-Dark/Comedy campaign set in an entirely homebrew world. With an entirely LGBTQIA+ cast our mismatched hero's adventure along the continent of Tria, a now beautiful landscape with a variety of different regions each housing their own unique attributes. The campaign takes place a few hundred years after a global war in which warriors of different gods fought to the death. Now roughly 100 years ago something referred to as "The Magic Boom" occurred, granting folk of all ages and races unique magics, from being able to create water to consuming your prey and temporarily transforming parts of your body into that creature you will never know what to expect. But sinister deeds are at work in the underbelly, old gods trying to reclaim their thrones, dead gods being reborn and men, as ever, hungering for power.

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